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Family & Systemic Constellations Workshops with Lutz & Sally Pamberger

FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS WORK was developed by Bert Hellinger. This powerful, cutting-edge work has been broadly applied to family and individual therapy, homoeopathy and organisational consultation with remarkable results. If you:
• Find it difficult to open up in relationships
• Feel that you are carrying a burden that may not belong to you
• Feel like something is holding you back
• Feel depressed and don’t know why…
… Then these workshops may be for you.
Hellinger’s application of the Orders of Love can support the love in your family system to flow when it brings family entanglements to light. As a result, you may experience more peace within yourself, with your family members and a greater sense of being in charge of your life, as you explore issues in a supportive and confidential group setting.

The Work of Byron Katie with Sally Pamberger

THE WORK OF BYRON KATIE or Inquiry Based Stress Reduction (IBSR) is a powerful experiential process using four simple questions and a turnaround that can help us see problems from an entirely new perspective, pinpoint our own solutions and bring us back to the peace and freedom of a still mind, our natural state. It can lead to an extraordinary and lasting impact on our daily lives. Developed by Byron Katie after a spontaneous and dramatic shift in awareness when she began sharing her inner clarity, The Work is being used in the caring professions with increasing success.

Our focus in these workshops will be on reducing stress and discovering the truth of who we are without our story. Noticing stressful thoughts helps us identify beliefs and patterns that hold us back in our lives. We will use The Work of Byron Katie to capture these stressful thoughts and take them to inquiry. Participants new to The Work will learn a tool that they can incorporate as a practice in their daily lives. Residential retreats provide the opportunity to take time out to deepen and strengthen your practice.

Workshops available in your area on request.


Parenting your Inner Child – eCourse – with Colette Grünbaum and Sally Pamberger

Saturday May 15, 22, 29 and 5 June 2021

5.00pm – 7.00pm (Western Australia)

7.00pm – 9.00pm (NSW/Victoria/Tasmania)

Please check your local time before booking.

Sometimes when our hurt inner child is in charge in stressful situations, we may experience overwhelming emotions and self-defeating behaviours. We may not be aware that our inner child is being triggered, feeling helpless and in overload while innocently doing the best it can.

In this e-course, we will dive deeply into The Work to take responsibility for our inner child, explore what it really wants and needs and tap into our own internal resources to support this child to grow and thrive on solid ground.

This e-course is for participants who are experienced in The Work and want to deepen their practice.

US $220

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