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Sally Pamberger

BA(Hons), MA, Grad Dip Counselling

PACFA Reg Clinical 21651,

Counsellor, Accredited Supervisor

Sally graduated in Counselling from the University of Notre Dame Australia in 2004, and from The School for The Work of Byron Katie in 1999. She has also trained with the International Systemic Constellations Association in Germany.

Sally is a clinical member of the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA) and an accredited supervisor. In 2008, she became a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.

Sally’s interest is in healthy and vibrant relationships. She offers private sessions for individuals and couples and clinical supervision for health professionals. Training offered by Sally includes eCourses, mentoring, workshops and retreats and couples workshops with her husband Lutz Pamberger. Sally is an active mentor and trainer of candidates enrolled in the certification training program with the Institute for The Work of Byron Katie. She has given over 80 workshops and retreats in Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand.




The Work of Byron Katie

The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions, the more you become a lover of what is. Baruch Spinoza

The Work of Byron Katie is an experiential process consisting of a worksheet, four questions and a turnaround that can help us see problems from an entirely new perspective, pinpoint our own solutions and bring us back to the peace and freedom of a still mind, our natural state. Offering one of the most powerful ways for us to get to know ourselves, self-inquiry through The Work of Byron Katie can support us to:

  • Identify and explore stressful thoughts and deeply held beliefs that hold us back in our lives
  • Improve our communication and ability to listen
  • Open to more love, respect and honesty in our relationships with ourselves and others

This can lead to an extraordinary and lasting impact on our daily lives.

Developed by founder Byron Katie after a spontaneous and dramatic shift in awareness when she began sharing her inner clarity, The Work is being used in the caring professions with increasing success.

Having explored many different approaches and therapies, Sally has found no better way to find inner peace. She welcomes The Work on any issue, especially with couples, mothers and daughters, and daughters and fathers.

The Work

For more information or to download a worksheet go to:

Sally is available for private sessions with individuals and couples, working face to face, using Skype or on the phone. Workshops and retreats on offer include:

  • Half-day, full day, weekend workshops and residential retreats
  • Mini tailored workshops
  • Presentations and information sessions
  • Inquiry Circles

For candidates in the Institute for the Work Facilitator Certification program, Sally's workshops may be eligible for credit in Section C.

Sally and her husband Lutz come together to offer:

  • Private sessions for couples
  • Workshops and residential retreats for couples to deepen connection and intimacy
  • Groups for men and women

Go to Schedule for Sally’s current program. She travels on invitation.

Contact Sally for appointments, more information, or if you would like a workshop, an inquiry circle or introductory session held in your area on 0424 382 557,

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